Update: post-Whitney

We [ALMOST] made it!

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Longer posts will come for each of the mentioned pieces of the trip, when I have a computer again.. this will serve as a summary in the meantime.

Emily and I successfully climbed Mount Whitney (up to about 300 feet from the summit, around 14,200 feet). We turned around and slid/trudged all the way down the mountain after packing up camp.

When we finally arrived at the car, there was a waiting message from my uncle in Flagstaff asking if anyone was able and willing to drive my cousin’s car from Flagstaff to Boston. With another week before I need to be back in NYC for an interview, I quickly agreed. ROAD TRIP!!

Before heading to Flagstaff, the Nugget and I spent a day driving to Red Rocks Conservation Area, meandering through Death Valley and a bit of Nevada.

We climbed in Red Rocks for three amazing days before I dropped her at the Vegas airport and hopped on a bus to Flagstaff. I then spent a few days in Flagstaff before embarking on my current adventure.

As a preview, I’m in Texas right now, and the beauty of the blanket of flowers I drove through yesterday could not be captured in pictures (at least not by me, yet).

Again, more detail to come.


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